by Jamie C '10

What do bees do?

With a record of
0-8 for the season the boys
basketball team seems to
have gotten stung eight
more times than they were
able to sting. With so many
boys interested in playing
for the team and so much
potential, why did the team
do so poorly in the season?
If you ask the
boys of the team what went
wrong this past season
they will tell you a number
of different things. One
main inconvenience was
a lack of space. Anyone
who has been a student
in the school knows that
there is no gymnasium.
The school has a work out
room and another school’s
park for use during gym
time. With no school gym
practicing becomes less
of a simple routine and
more of a difficult task.
Finding a gym to practice
in was not problematic,
having high school boys
practicing in an elementary
school gym was.
When asked
about the space issue
Bryan Levin, number 4

and shooting guard/small
forward for the Stings,
said; “the players were not
accustomed to playing on
the bigger court [during
games] so the defense
wasn’t used to covering
that much ground.”
Another player of the
team, Oren Shafir, number
11/point guard stated, “We
always seemed to fall apart
near the end of the game.”
Could one downfall of the
team be a lack of stamina/
training? When asked
about their practice schedule,
several of the boys
said that practice was held
three days a week for 2 to
3 hours each of those days.
If practice is being held
around 6-9 hours a week
and no progress is being
shown in the boys’ playing
record, then what should
the team do as a whole?
“It’s not like we didn’t do a
lot of conditioning during
practice, just that you can
only control what the players
do inside of practice,
outside is uncontrollable,”
says Levin. Maybe the
boys should worry less

about their lack of documented
wins and more
about getting in shape for
next season.
When asked what
could be done to improve
the team one member
thought that Coach Potter
would make an active contribution
to the team. Perhaps
a new outlook on the
game and with his experience
in ball playing and
coaching skills he could
help the boys next season.
Looking at the teams’
failure as a whole, past
games must be reflected
on. One game in particular
sticks out to many of the
players on the team. The
game took place on January
17th, 2008 at 4:30pm.
Queens Vocational vs. The
Baccalaureate School for
Global Education. Inside
the locker room before the
game Coach Anderson told
the boys that they were
not to take any shots, only
layups. Needless to say,
the boys were shocked
and outraged. The logic
behind Anderson’s decision?
The previous game

against Robert F. Wagner
Jr. showed a lack of quick
defensive skills for the
Stings. “When the team
shot, there were long
rebounds that led to fast
breaks ‘cuz no one got
back on defense,” says
Levin, reflecting on the
justification that could possibly
be behind Anderson’s
no shooting rule.
Another key aspect
of playing as a whole
is team chemistry. With a
different starting five just
about every game, no real
relationships are formed
between the players of the
team, making it less comfortable
and more difficult
to play with one another
under pressure. Looking
back on the season it is
clear to see that the boys’
basketball team had a
rough year. With an average
of 30 points a game,
no set starting five players,
and a record of 0-8, the
Stings have their work cut
out for next season if they
want to prove themselves
as a high school basketball



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