by Mr. Anderson

Dotted T’s and Crossed I’s: A Misspelling of Sting

In an effort to summarize the achievements of the boys’ basketball season, an article was printed in the Bacc Rag that did not delve into the finer details of the season. The boys’ basketball team didn’t experience much success statistically last season, however, there were inaccuracies printed about their accomplishments. The team played a total of 12 official games and ended the season with a down-to-the-wire victory over Manhattan Village Academy High School. Yes, the team only experienced one victory this year, but their season exemplified the growth and development of a winning spirit.
How Do You Sting?
In the last game of the season, the boys’ basketball team sparked an attitude that produced a win. The team played in a four-team tournament at Foundations Academy in Brooklyn that took place the last week of February. B.S.G.E. was defeated in the first game of the tournament by Foundations Academy, the eventual tournament champions. Fortunately, BSGE didn’t get down and finally came together in the last game of the tournament against a lively Manhattan Village Academy High School. Both teams traded baskets until the last two minutes. BSGE was finally in the clear when Hkeem Anderson completed a hard drive to the basket that put the team up permanently. Josh Valladares later sealed the game with two free throws, and other members put together a dynamic defensive effort that became energizing. The team-inspired rally suppressed Manhattan Village Academy’s comeback attempts and was one of the only times the boys used their individual strengths and played cohesively.
These Bees Were New To The Work
The Boys’ basketball team generated good interest last season, but didn’t have any seasoned talent. Before last season there was only one player that played with an official team. This inexperience contributed to poor team chemistry, incremental player development, and ultimately to losing many games. For most of the season, key players struggled to balance their academic commitment and their obligation to the team.  The basketball season started in November, the first game was played in January, and there were fewer than five practices with the entire team. The season went quickly, and limited skill level, unreliable players, and inconsistent practice habits produced poor performance in games.
Although B.S.G.E. played teams that were more experienced the boys continued to grow.  The boys’ team was developmental and played all their scheduled games against well-established varsity B-Division teams such as, Information Technology High School, and Queens Vocational High School. Five out of the seven teams that played in this league had a record of .500 or better and made it to the PSAL B-Division Playoffs. The boys didn’t have the experience to overcome the competitive schedule, but began to understand that everyone had a role. As most teams began to wind down and finish their season, the boys became more dedicated to practice and eager to play more games.
The Correct Spelling of Sting
There is a similar discipline needed when writing and playing basketball. Both require refining what you know and acknowledging what you don’t know. When writing about our school teams we need to make sure we are including the most significant elements of growth. The boys basketball team contributed to defining the B.S.G.E. athlete model. We should remember when we are chanting Sting on the sidelines we are interjecting a mantra that represents refined skills, academic commitment, school spirit, and personal growth.  A Sting uniform should always be a model for progress, with less emphasis on a winning percentage.  The team has much to reflect on and has many positives to look forward to next year.

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