by Jolijt T '11

The End of the School Year

It’s been a year since Popcorn Weekly’s conversion to The BACC Rag. We have gone from a small, 8 page, 8×11 newsletter to a 12 page, 11×17 newspaper. We went from a staff of 3 working out of my basement to about 40 working into a classroom with a computer, state-of-the-art software, white boards and two filing cabinet drawers. None of this growth would have been possible if it not for the many people who gave their support from the beginning.
Ms. Johnson has been a great help to the BACC Rag, doing everything from finding funding to making last minute announcements. She has given us much room to grow by letting us explore the real world of uncensored, responsible media. She has helped make much possible including our 2008 3-day trip to the Columbia University journalism convention.
Mr. Aly Lakhaney, our advisor, who has dedicated so much time to The BACC Rag and its staff. He always has answers, suggestions and ideas.
The BSGE PTA, along with Amy Reichel and its contributors funded most of our printing costs and have expressed interest in continuing to help in the upcoming years. And a thanks to the parents of BSGE students who have read the newspaper and completed the surveys with enthusiasm.
We’d also like to thank teachers and staff who have been more than tolerant of our last minute quotes, interviews and more. Ms. Melissa Hinson, Ms. Vanessa Rabines, and Mr.Virge Ramos who always have the latest news and information. Mr. Laskowski, the teacher who helped us with our very first issue of Popcorn Weekly. Dr. Mandler, who has written a story for us on more then one occasion. All of the “Teachers of the Month” who have opened up for reporters. Mr. Adam Noor and Ms. Jennifer Dikes for accompanying us on our trip to Columbia University. Ms. Linda Ellman, whose encouragement and help has made it easier to see the good. And Mr. Peter Wilson, and Ms. Yvette Rivera who supplied us with quotes and statistics.
And last but not least, we’d like to thank BSGE’s students. Not only those who have expressed undying interest but also the students who have questioned, competed with and challenged us because they have made The BACC Rag stronger. We were inspired and worked harder because of your comments and letters to the editor.
All in all, the 2007-2008 school year was a great one for The BACC Rag and BSGE. Every issue has improved. Our writing has become more meaningful, our coverage more even, our pictures more powerful and our design more appealing. Hopefully the upcoming school year will only lead to more developments, more competitors and more supporters.

– editor-in-chief, Jolijt Tamanaha and The BACC Rag staff.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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