by Kristen S '11

Toilets Closed Because of BSGE Bathroom Bandits

It was found the week of May 12th; all throughout the boys bathrooms were broken faucets and vandalism.  In the small high school that we go to, we assume there to be a level of some maturity and respect for the place that we spend so much time in; that these types of acts will not occur, but we are proven wrong.  We have had slight vandalism in our school before, but “nothing to this degree,” said Assistant Principal Yvette Rivera.
Although we do not yet understand the motives of these actions, the outcome is not one to be proud of.   “Staff has to stop and monitor the ins and outs of the bathrooms,” Ms. Rivera said, “This shouldn’t be happening.”  She also said that in order to strengthen attempts at finding those guilty, male staff go into the bathrooms unannounced throughout the day, and the security guards do sweeps daily.  The school is investigating many angles of the actions, but nothing has yet been proven.
As our schools administration continues to look for the person or persons committing these crimes, the entire male BSGE population is persecuted.  When 9th grader Thomas Romero-North was asked about the issue, he expressed, “It is really annoying that the bathrooms are closed.  Especially when you have to go and you have a class on the 4th floor because you have to go all the way down and then back up.”
It is strongly encouraged that the person or people responsible come forth and take the blame for their actions, along with anybody who has information.  We need to take care of our space, and all equally contribute to keeping our school environment a place where we can all use to its fullest potential.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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