by BACC Rag staff

Movie Review: Indiana Jones Is Worth Every Cent and Then Some

When a popular
franchise is being revitalized
after 19 years, there are
bound to be huge expectations.
Indiana Jones and the
Kingdom Of The Crystal
Skull, which was released
into theatres on May 22, is
one of the most highly anticipated
films of the year. The
previous installment in the
series, The Last Crusade,
was released on May 24,
1989 to much critical and
commercial fanfare. After
that, the creators of Indiana
Jones, Steven Spielberg and
George Lucas, felt it was
time to end the series on a
high note. The years passed,
and rumors of a fourth
Indiana Jones buzzed around
the fan forums and entertainment
industry. Nothing
official happened until 2007,
when a tentative release date
and title were announced.
Now, Indy has invaded our
theatres, brandishing his
fedora and trusty bullwhip.
The reaction to the film? It’s
been mixed.
Taking a look
various movie review sites,
there seems to be a rift
between the professional
movie critics and the diehard
fans. George Lucas anticipated
negative fan reaction

saying, “We’re not gonna
have adoring fans sending
us e-mails saying how
much they loved the movie.
We’re gonna have a bunch
of angry people saying,
‘You’re a bunch of assholes,
you should never have done
this.” Indeed, that seems to
be the reaction for most fans
of the Indiana Jones series.
Things like, “This is the
worst Indiana Jones movies
I have ever seen” and “That
was absolutely a waste of
my time” have been thrown
around. Well, Crystal Skull
isn’t the best Indiana Jones
movie. However, it also isn’t
“The Indiana Jones movies
you’ve been dreading”, as
put by ShogunMaster. Indiana
Jones and the Kingdom
of The Crystal Skull is a
solid entry to the Indiana
Jones franchise and it is
also a solid and extremely
entertaining action adventure
movie. The entire
duration of this film is full
of fun, excitement, and very
enjoyable tension. Crystal
Skull starts off in the 1950’s,
complete with Elvis Presley
music, soda pop, and Cold
War paranoia. The audience
first sees Indy held captive
by some sinister Russians,
lead by Irina Spalko (Cate

Blanchett). Spalko commands
Indy and his shady
sidekick Mac to retrieve an
unknown object. Indy locates
the object, a deformed
alien corpse, but manages to
escape from the Russians.
Back in his hometown, Indy
meets Mutt Williams (Shia
LaBeouf), a tough greaser.
Mutt entices Indy to help
him save their mutual friend,
Oxley, and Mutt‘s mother,
Marion. Indy jets off with
Mutt and the legend of the
mysterious Crystal Skull
unfolds. The best parts of
this film are without doubt
the action sequences. From
the fast paced motorcycle
chase to the awe-inspiring
consecutive waterfall drops,
the film’s action scenes
are absolutely thrilling and
engaging. The action just
grabs you and doesn’t let go.
It is distinctively Spielberg
and it’s a real visual treat.
The story of Crystal Skull
is pretty amazing as well;
it’s a departure from the
first three movies with a
lot of sci-fi influence, but it
is still very interesting and
enthralling. The movie was
filled with nostalgia; little
images, references, and lines
from the previous movies.
Harrison Ford, now 65,

has no trouble getting back
into the character of Indy,
although several quips about
his age are made. From the
opening scene, you can tell
Indy hasn’t missed a beat
and is back in action. Shia
LaBeouf is a very welcome
addition to the movie (although
his Tarzan moment
was a little weird). Making
Mutt Indy’s son was a very
smart choice; it adds a lot
to the whole story and
Mutt almost putting
on Indy’s fedora was
a great moment.
Blanchett’s character,
the villainous
Irina Spalko, is
pretty scary;
her very presence
fear. Spalko
very much
follows in
the footsteps
of previous
Indy baddies.
Karen Allen,
who returns
as Marion
is absolutely delightful.
The ban- ter
between Marion and
Indy and hilari- ous.
She steals the scene, even
when she has very few

Crystal Skull is not
without it’s faults. The biggest
issue with this movie is
its underdeveloped
It’s a great
plot, but
it’s not
and developed
in the
best way.

Coming out of the theatre,
you have a general idea of
what the true power of the
skull is but there are many
plot holes. The character of
Mac, the good then bad then
good then bad again guy
was very underdeveloped
also. You just didn’t care
about him when he kept
betraying Indy. Another
issue, although minor, is
Spielberg’s choice to end
the most anticipated movie
of this year with the most
boring ending shot of
emptying church. Crystal
Skull deserved a grand send
off in the style of riding off
into the sunset like The Last
At the end of
the movie, my mouth was
aching from smiling and
grinning at all the great
moments the movie had. It
had a little bit of everything
and it will stay in
your mind for days or
even weeks to come. This
is the kind of movie you
have to see more than
once to really appreciate.
It deserves the
title of most anticipated
movie of 2008.
Get out there and
watch it!


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