by BACC Rag staff

Personal Project: Marta Checko

Marta Checko
Title: Living Life in a Blur- Alzheimer’s Disease
What was your topic about? Well, I researched Alzheimer’s
disease and different aspects of it. I focused
on cause, prevention and just learning how the brain is
affected. This also tied into how people around the individual
were affected. I included behavior as part of the
study as well. Because my grandfather suffers from the
disease, I really wanted to find out as much information
in different areas of the disease so I can apply it into my
own life
How did you come up with it? My inspiration was my
grandfather, also my grandmother and mother. I saw how
much they suffered because of his disease and I really
wanted to make this project in their name
When did you actually start? Well I started researching
from October and kinda did that up until March. I read
lots of books and gathered information from a bunch of
Which stage do you feel was the most important? I
think the basis, meaning your research. If you have strong
information as your background, you should have no
problem developing it later. I will say it’s one of the most
crucial, not so sure if it’s the most important.
How long did it take you to complete? I worked on the
project from October until April, I mean there was some
time in between where I wouldn’t look at the project for
about 3 weeks and do some minor work, and it’s good to
pace yourself.
Was it successful? Well, I haven’t seen my grades yet,
but I hope. For the amount of hours I spent, my grade
better be reflected, like I said, at least I hope so
Did it take away from time used for school work? It
did, or actually school work took away time from personal
project. This year was a lot about balancing a lot of
things so sometimes I had to choose which one I wanted
to work on. I do feel though that sometimes I wasn’t able
to do my best on what subject or assignment because of


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