by BACC Rag staff

Personal Project: Peter Minzicu

Peter Minzicu
What was your title? Building a Scale Model of an
What was your topic about? Making Airplanes.
Areas of Interaction? Homo Faber, Health and Social
Did your project change over the course of the year?
Yes. At first I wanted to build a scale model of a plane
called the “Beech Craft Baron” but I didn’t find any plans
for it and I couldn’t make one myself because I didn’t
have the internal structure so I found a plan of a different
plane on the internet. I bought wood, glue accessories
and I built the model from the info on the plan. I also had
problems dealing with the money constraints, because
certain pieces cost up to $400, so I had to deconstruct my
plan to a wooden model, to fit my budget.
How did you decide on making this your project?
What was your inspiration? To make an airplane, especially
a super RC plane, was always a fantasy and dream
of mine, so the personal project was a good excuse to
make some childhood dreams come true.
When did you actually start doing work? Around
How long did it take? About a month and a half; I
started cutting out the parts at the beginning of March and
finished the model spring break. By mid-March I had all
the parts cut out.
Would you say the whole process was hard? Not really,
just time consuming. Sometimes things take longer
than you anticipated and that pushes back the date you
planned on finishing.
Did it take time away from school? I guess so; I did end
up sleeping less in order to accommodate both school and


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