by BACC Rag staff

Personal Project: Shira Almeleh

Shira Almeleh
What was it about? The role that the tools a woman is
provided with in terms of clothing can affect her success
in the business world. I organized a women’s suit drive
through my synagogue with the organization, “Dress for
When did you actually start?
Thinking: in the beginning of the year
Plan: middle of the year (Feb)
Executed: April
So most was planning? Not everything is about executing;
the project can take one day to actually happen but
its the work that goes into coordination that is important.
How’d you come up with a topic? Researching made
me realize it was something that was important to me,
and that I could make a difference in a unique way.
What were your areas of interaction? Community and
Service, Environment
Was it successful? Wasn’t what I thought it would be,
but in the end it was successful and we raised over 50
Did it take away from time used for school work? In
some cases, i needed to spend more time on my personal
project; but in the end it didn’t have such a huge effect.
You find time.
Any interesting ideas for future projects? Anything
personal; religion? Anything you can handle dealing with
all year that you wont get bored of.


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