by BACC Rag staff

Personal Project: Thomas Kozlowski

What was your topic about? My topic was about getting
to know my parents better, and their reasons of coming
to America.
How did you come up with your topic? I came up with
it when my advisor mentioned that I look into my family
as a topic.
When did you actually start? Somewhere between
November and December
Which stage do you feel was the most important?
Finishing the actual statement
What were your two areas of interaction? Environment
and health and social education
How long did it take you to complete? Approximately
three months, maybe a little more.
Was it successful? Yes.
Did it take away from time used for school work?
How often did you write in your journal? At least
once a week, if not more.
How long was your personal statement? 21 pages.
Any advice to future 10th Graders? Work on it from
day 1!


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