by Daniel F '10

Prom 2008

Prom is an annual
event in schools all
across the nation, but it
never seems to lose its
spunk among the faculty
and students. It’s an event
that reflects on the accomplishments
of the students
graduating from high
school and gives them the
opportunity to say goodbye
to their classmates a
final time in a special way.
This year’s prom was no
exception with more than
half of the class of 2008
in attendance. Staged at
Douglaston Manor in
Douglaston, many students
arrived by limo in groups,
while others came quietly,
driven by proud parents.
A representative
of Senior Council, Marisa
Reichel, spoke about the
prom the day after; “The
prom was the last big senior
party and it really hit
us that the year is actually
ending; we’re all leaving,
and it’s hard to say goodbye
to a school that we’ve
known so long; it’s hard
to say goodbye to BSGE”.
Earlier in the school year,
when prom ticket sales
were slumping, Reichel
was one of the more vocal
seniors, encouraging
students to buy tickets.
Notable teachers
in attendance were Jim Heine,
Jim Napolitano, Adam
Noor, Milena Mihalache,
Melissa Hinson, and several
others. While the chaperoning
teachers enjoyed
themselves, no teacher was
more animated than Virge
Ramos, who conversed and
danced among the students
all throughout the night,
clearly happy to be celebrating
the class of 2008.
Early into the
prom, an unexpected appearance
gave additional
life to the prom. A group of
teachers from Louis Armstrong
high school crashed
BSGE’s senior prom,
dancing in an unorthodox
fashion, especially for
what is culturally accepted
for teachers of that age.
Though the group of 15 or
so danced among themselves
within their group,
their dancing was so
cultivating that it attracted
much of the senior class;
by the end of the night,
everyone loved the teachers
from Louis Armstrong
that crashed the BSGE
prom. “There were really
drunk middle-aged teachers
that ended up crashing
the prom, making the night
unexpectedly a lot more
fun; easily the best dancers
of the night were the Louis
Armstrong teachers”, said
(Marisa) Reichel.
The students went
their separate ways at the
conclusion of the prom,
some going to continue
the celebration through the
night and into the morning,
and others going home to
celebrate quietly. Those
hours spent at the prom
were the hours that the
students got to enjoy themselves
with their fellow
classmates one final time
as members of the BSGE
student body – senior
student Rachel Ryan put it
quite simply; “It was a nice
way to close out senior

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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