by Kelly V '12

Teacher of the Month: Ms. Kerri Mahaney

Subject:Algebra Grade(s): 8

What do you think of the kids in your classes? Do they misbehave or are they generally well-be­haved?

I love the kids in my classes. Yeah they misbe­have, to a normal degree.They’re normal; lovely and normal. I believe that all kids are good people. I believe that people go bad between like the ages of 22and 60.

What is the weirdest h.w. excuse you have ever heard?

Jamal H. has the best homework excuses this year. His cousin,more than once,threw his book-bag, hw and all, onto the subway tracks. It was also thrown out a window.

Ever broken a body part?

My toe.At a restaurant.The stand where the waitress had the tray on fell on my toe. I got the worst service. They finally sat me and it really hurt.It was at Cape Cod Island and there were no other restaurants. We were wait­ing and waiting for the food. These are the people that broke my toe. I finally was like “Can I have some ice for my foot?” The next thing I know the owner comes out and goes to the table right next to us and made just for


my parents.

I played soccer. In fact,started the girl’s soccer team. It didn’t exist prior to my friend and I starting one. I was one of those front people that ran. I can’t remember what they’re called. It’s been along time.A forward or something, I remember be­ing on the right hand side.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

Hmm…I’ve done a lot of stupid things. Hmm…I’ve done a lot, really stupid.I’ll go with the most recent one. I recently locked myself out of my apart­ment. I was new to my building. And the dumb thing about it was I was wearing like pajamas and I had no shoes on, no money, nothing. Iwas standing in the hallbarefoot, pajamas, wethair, and just looking athow bleak the hallwaylooked. Like, I imag­ined myself sleeping outthere…that was dumb. I knew three people in thebuilding. One was mybabysitter and she was nothome…she has keys tomy apartment. So I wentdown to some people onthe third floor. They have a son my son’s age and Isort of knew them. Theywere home and they wereso nice. They told me tocome in and they mademe tea.And then I used their phone and called mybabysitter and she wasjust pulling up in front ofthe building.And it was aweekend so she could have been away for days…she’sthe only one with my key.And I got back in myapartment in like an hourbut I was potentially look­ing at a few days out in the hall.

What’s your favorite season? Why?

Fall…I love the way it smells and, to me, fall is like a starting over and ev­erything is fresh and clean

What’s your favorite holiday? Why?

Christmas because of my son…I like shopping for him, all the stories, all the fun. Once my son is grown then I think I’ll go back to liking Thanksgiving.

What makes you mad?

Unnecessary rudeness. Oh,what really makes me mad is when people think that they are not responsible for paying attention.And that translates to rudeness. You know like, on the subway.You know, I don’t see the person in crutches needs a seat because I’m busy reading or listening to mu­sic and therefore it’s okay.I feel like no, that’s rude,you’re responsible for pay­ing attention.And I hate that, it makes me furious.

Do you believe in love at first site?

No, I believe in interest at first sight. You might be right, it might be love butthat would be a coinci­dence.

What’s your favorite TVshow?

The Office, oh my god, Ilove The Office. It’s the only TV show I watch, theonly one I like.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Hmm…trendy old lady

What do you love about yourself?

That I know how to play.And I’m not afraid to do it. Like, I play with my son…I have no trouble playing his silly games. I can be very silly and I like it….My ability to be silly,

What’s a really bad habit that you have?

I’m overly critical. I always forget see how full the glass is. I’m always self-critical.At the end of the week my question to myself is “What did you get done?” when it should be “Did you have a good time?” I need to get rid of that.

Would you ever dye your hair completely blue?

Not for no reason. If there was a good reason for it,yeah…although I’d rather go green. Like, if every­body in the eighth grade got an A in math…and it was a deal, I would dye my hair green. Or if I could cure world hunger or world peace…who wouldn’t though? I just wouldn’t do it for no reason at all.

Are you a secret keeper or a blabber mouth?

A total secret keeper, total.I got a lot of them in here[pointing to her head].

What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to anyone?

This is not the meanest thing I’ve ever done…it just popped in first. I’m still guilty about it. When Iwas in third grade maybe.I was with my friend Lisa Stanger and…I was totally influenced by Lisa Stanger. We ran into this other girlMary Dion and I thinkLisa Stanger might have tripped Mary Dion…andMary Dion said “shit” andthen we said “We’re tellingyour mother that you saidthat” so she gave us moneyfor our silence and then we went and told her mother anyway. But I don’t thinkI would have done that. I think that was totallyLisa Stanger. I still feelbad. I still see Mary Dionsometimes. I still feel bad. So she paid us and we toldher mother. What were we thinking? I feel horrible.I don’t even like to talk about that.

Did you ever run away from home when you were younger?

Yes, one time. I got really mad at my parents, I was in high school. But I just remember getting mad. I felt like all they did waste ll me to feed the cats and that was it. It started when I said I was going to the mall to get my pay check and I just have this vivid memory of them looking up from newspapers and going like, no.And I said,why?And they said the most dreaded words ever,“because we said so.” I was like, no.And I left, I took their car even. To the mall, and I didn’t come home for three weeks. I lived at a friend’s house. They knew I was there. It did get to the point where I knew that I couldn’t just go home, and, I don’t know.I just wanted them to call me and say “Why don’t you just come home now?”and I would.And it just took them like three weeks to do that. The beauty of it was that because three weeks had passed I didn’t get in trouble…for taking their car to the mall. But I returned the car that first night. Quietly, my friend and I rolled it in the driveway.

What are you really good at?

Oh god, I hate this ques­tion, because I’m not really good at anything.I’m a jack of all trades.I’m a good shopper. Even for other people. Oh, I’m really good at going to someone else’s closet and finding them stuff to wear and I’m really good atgoing in there and totallyreorganizing their closet.I’m really a neat freak. And then, figuring out different combinations and telling them ultimatelywhat they need to buy. I’mreally good at that. I’mgood at organizing. It’s soboring. I want to be goodat something else. I wantto be a good singer.

Thank You for your time, Ms. Mahaney.


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