by Daniel F '10

Editorial: Follow Up to “The Rise and Fall of BSGE”

Just under a year ago, the BaccRag published my initial article based on the progression of BSGE, “The Rapid Rise and Fall of BSGE.”
Since that controversial article in November of ’07, the school has seen 19 IB Diploma recipients; no previous grade had been able to accomplish 10. Those students have gone on to colleges such as Yale, Boston College and Delaware. More than half of the ’07 graduating class received at least a partial scholarship, with one student, Tatiana Lam Lo, receiving a full scholarship to Yale University.
The most recent MYP graduates have achieved the highest rate of 7’s on the Personal Project in BSGE’s entire six-year history. Last year’s sophomore class had twenty-three 7’s, in addition to fifteen 6’s. These 38/80 students received at least 23 out of a 28 possible points on their final grade.
While many students complained about the lack of an athletics department at BSGE, the school now has four teams; Girl’s Basketball, Boy’s Basketball, Girl’s Softball, and most recently, Boy’s Baseball. The school initiated its fourth team in six years, a surprising baseball team that concluded its first season with a 10-4 record. Girl’s and Boy’s Head basketball coach Matt Anderson has slated tryouts and practices to begin in early-mid November for the ‘08-’09 campaign.
In terms of appearance, the entire school has been re-painted; the doors and walls were revamped this past summer, and it has given the building a brand new look. Kudos the custodial staff and students who helped give the building a great new feel.
For the school that took the largest budget cut in the entire city of New York, we’ve rebounded quite well, and the only IB school in New York continues to excel above others in the area.
It’s a new year; a new September and a new school year to work through, and since last year, the same school that I bashed is looking all the more commendable.


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