From Experience…

By Alan Chajet (a 7th grader last year)
You’ve just started a new school. Many worries enter your mind. Will teachers like me? Who will I befriend? Will there be too much homework? Etc.
The Baccalaureate School for Global Education is no exception!
There first few days are rough times for some. For others, there are no worries. Take Kats Tamanaha for example. She says: “I came to BSGE with my old friends and made new ones all together.” On the other hand, I came to this school alone, and had to start from scratch. It wasn’t too hard; all I had to do was get noticed! (Some of you might know what I’m talking about)
Once you start class, you will realize the teachers are ever so slightly awesome. In the first weeks, you get to meet the teachers. Some of you try to stay on their good side, while other try to get labeled “bad kid.”
Well, you got to know your teachers; you made friends, and your well into the first month of school. Now the only thing left is to master our uniquely messed up schedule! It is unlike any other schedule you’ve ever seen, 5 periods a day? That’s crazy, and what’s an A day? Unlike your old school, we have the same schedule every other day…so for example, on A days you would have French, science, and math and on B days humanities, music and art. Simple right?
Well Aidan Hernandez thought that “the A day B day system seriously messed me up! I always brought the wrong books to class!” We all had to get used to it for the first couple weeks. But it was actually pretty easy once you got
the hang of it.
The first week is hard. The second is easier the third is fun. The fourth sucks. Once you get to week 5, the hard work starts to kick in. But by then you’ll have friends, awesome teachers, and you’ve probably joined one of our clubs.
Welcome, to the Baccalaureate School for Global Education!


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