by Daniel F '10

Movie Review: Stepbrothers: A Surprising Success

Will Ferrell’s newest film is a crude comedic adventure. It takes you through the world of two individual characters that stumble upon each other as a result of their parents’ recent marriage. Inappropriate and abrasive humor rages throughout the film, with Ferrell displaying some unnecessary imagery towards the middle of the 98-minute spectacle.
With the (tremendous lack of) success achieved by “Semi-Pro” and “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story”, “Step-Brothers“ has to be viewed with low expectations. When done so, the film soars; it’s rude and raunchy humor make the viewer unexpectedly laugh in hysterics. The never-stay-positive attitude quickly deteriorates as Ferrell and Reily immediately jump into their senseless antics.
The co-actors John C. Reily and Will Ferrell team up again, as they did in Talladega Nights, to make the audience gasp in disbelief and roll in the aisles in glee.
Just remember; go in thinking it’ll be the worst movie ever.


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