by Jolijt T '11 by Kats T '13

Movie Review: The Dark Knight’s A Bright Light

This second movie in director and co-writer Christopher Nolan’s Batman film series needs a new title. “The Joker” or “Heath Ledger’s Brilliance” would be more appropriate because 2 minutes into the movie, the Joker steals the the spotlight. His performance in the more than 500 million dollar (and still counting) grossing movie rocked the audience; inspiring emotions never experienced through movies before.
His performance rivals Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Like Depp, everything from Ledger’s smiles to his hand motions carry the essence of The Joker.
Of course credit should also go to Johnathan and Christopher Nolan and the other writers.Thanks to their intense dialogue, the depth of The Jokers’s persona are well developed and consistent.
Christian  Bale delivers a solid but bland Batman. The Dark Knight like most good movies is about more the Batman and the Joker. It explore the roles of hero and villain and the ideas of order and anarchy and of human nature. Even people who don’t usually enjoy action films will love The Dark Knight.


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