by Ms. Johnson

Ms. Johnson’s Welcome

With enthusiasm, pride and the audacity of promise engendered by the collective commitment of faculty and staff I welcome you to The Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE).   I welcome back returning students whose absence during the summer left the building lifeless though the silence was sometimes enjoyed.  And I welcome new students who must be wondering what they’ve gotten themselves into by enrolling in the BSGE school community.
To the new student I say: don’t be discouraged and don’t fret.  If you arefeeling a bit out of place or overwhelmed you are not alone, most students feel this way at first.  Do know that your uniqueness is valuable to your BSGE family so let your light shine.  Also know that in the BSGE way returning students will assist you in your transition into your new school community and throughout your journey here.
Education, defined as the structure by which knowledge is acquired, can be revolutionary and revolution requires participation.  We at BSGE are revolutionary when it comes to education thus your participation is a necessity.  To participate you must be open minded, a thinker, balanced, a risk taker, caring, knowledgeable, reflective, inquiring and principled; indicators noted in the IB Learner Profile.
Though the life of a BSGE student is often a struggle and he/she may feel as they are on the frontline, BSGE students never give up and when they stumble they ‘get right back up’…they ‘get right back up’.   So when you work, work hard.  When you play, play hard.  And when you overcome an obstacle or meet a challenge celebrate but only for a moment.

Again, I say welcome.  Welcome.  Welcome.

Ms. Johnson

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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