by Marcelo T '08

Word from the Real World: Marcelo Triana

Pulling up to the parking lot, I began to feel a rumbling in my stomach. Feelings of anxiety began to course through my veins and I did not know what to do. What could I do? Walking on to the main quad I saw many of my fellow freshman. Some not so nervous as I, some ready to give up and go home.  College was finally here. I had patiently waited four exhausting years and two gut wrenching months and the day had finally come.  As I received my orientation packet and signed all my forms I could not be any more hesitant to move in. Slowly but surely, my emotions subsided and I gained my composure. However, a single thought plagued me. How was I going to meet anyone? Could I find my niche in this college environment?
Quickly we were divided into dozens of groups. Entering my group I soon met freshmen like me from across the country. Steadily coming out of my shell, meeting people, I was soon no longer alone. Understanding that no one really knew anyone either, I began to try to meet whom ever I could.  As courageously as I could, I developed a zealous inquisitive nature. Coming to the end of orientation weekend, one thing slipped my mind; what would my classes be like?
Resting my head on my newfound dorm room bed, I awaited the next morning for classes to begin; dreading the idea I would be late to class on my first day. Sitting down in Stern 201, I wondered how Public Policy 120 would be. As the professor burst in with an enthusiasm unmatched, he caught my attention. Professor Barnes described what we would be doing for the semester; “pretty much debating!” he said. A skill I always admired and desired. Returning from Bristole Gym at nine o’clock, I no longer worried about my future and was elated for the rest of my college experience.


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