by Marissa R '08

Word from the Real World: Marisa Reichel

Hi BSGE!!! This is Marisa, I graduated from BSGE in June and now I’m going to the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware.  I’ll be keeping you guys updated in each issue of the BaccRag, letting you know what college is like and how I’m adjusting.  So far it’s been a pretty exciting few days since I moved in on Sunday the 31st.  Following a pretty hard weekend of saying goodbye and watching all my high school friends leave, it was nice to finally meet new people and get started on the next chapter of my life.  I’m living in brand new dorms, which I hear are light-years better than the old dorms (the same dorms my roommate’s parents lived in when they went to UD 30 years ago!)  I have one roommate who lives about a mile away from the school, and we share a bathroom with two other girls.  They all seem really nice and we’re getting along really well.  It’s been pretty relaxing so far and we’ve only had a few orientation activities or meetings.
Classes start tomorrow and that will probably bring a change of pace.  One of my classes has over 200 students!!! You all understand how that’s total culture shock for a BSGEer.  I definitely plan to sit in the front and not be a slacker playing tetris in the back, although that does sound appealing.  I’m not that nervous about classes, I have faith that BSGE prepared me but I’ll let you all know how it goes.  I just planned a meeting with my advisor to see what kind of credits this IB diploma can get me- hopefully they can get me out of some scary college science or something.  I’ll let you all know how classes turn out, wish me luck!!!!!!   And say hi to BSGE for me, you’d be surprised at how much you’ll miss it once you graduate.


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