Hope vs. Certainty; Vote McCain!

by Alexa O ’10

Millions of Americans have expressed their strong opposition towards electing another Republican president into office. To say the least, George W. Bush has not instilled a positive attitude towards Republicans in the minds of the Americans. Part of the beauty of living in America is being able to choose for ourselves what we want in a leader, and decide to appoint someone with similar traits to office. The fate of our country will soon rest on the shoulders of Barack Obama or John McCain.
The issue of Senator McCain’s experience compared to the experience of Senator Obama has been brutally killed by the media, but still serves as a valid point. McCain was elected to the position of the Arizona congressional representation in 1982, while Obama first came into big politics in 1997, serving the Illinois Senate for three years. In 2000, Obama ran for a seat in the House of Representatives and was not elected.
More significant, however, are the positions of the two candidates concerning the welfare of the American people. One example of this is is the current war in Iraq. Obama’s plan is to pull out all of the soldiers as quickly as we entered the country. However, I am quite certain that Obama’s theory of simply giving Iraq a “stern talking to” is not going to motivate them to fully function on their own. Obama uses the war and American soldiers to tug on the heartstrings of Americans and the soldier’s families. Everyone is ecstatic to hear that the soldiers can be brought back in sixteen months after the election, and are fooled into supporting Obama in the mere hope that their family member or friend will be able to return home.  If the United States pulls out of Iraq now, we leave Iraq to work out their economical difficulties by themselves and risk Iran taking over a country that is so obviously in grave need of assistance. On the other hand, John McCain has come to a better conclusion for America concerning the war. Instead of pulling out as soon as we get the chance, McCain believes that it is strategic and morally essential to support the Iraqi Government until they are capable of governing themselves and safeguarding their citizens. If America pulls out now, Iraq will become a haven for terrorists. This will eventually lead us to an even costlier war.
As for the Second Amendment, this is yet another issue that Obama would rather side-step and abolish. Obama’s record indicates that there should be no weapons within a households and that violence is not the answer. Taking away the legality of guns will not prevent people from having them out of either pleasure or self-defense. In many cases, the ownership of a gun has saved lives.
Last but certainly not the least is our Education system. Obama plans to completely rid our system of “No Child Left Behind” while McCain attempts to save the program and keep its basic intention, while adding personal flare and better ideas for the children’s learning benefit.
Although our country is not in the best possible shape it can be, Obama needs to understand that change is not a destination, and hope isn’t a strategy. We cannot “hope” that issues will be resolved or addressed if Obama were to ever reach the White House. Why vote on “hope” for Obama rather than certainty for McCain?

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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