by BACC Rag staff

Short Stories 10/08

BSGE Gets Auto Paper Towels
The bathrooms on the first floor now have auto paper towel dispensers!

BSGE Gets A Bronze Medal
BSGE got a bronze medal in US News’ list of  best high schools in the nation.

PTA Fundraiser A Huge Success
Parents and teachers mingled at Mezzo Mezzo, a local Astoria restaurant as part of a school fundraiser.  The PTA says the fundrasier was a “huge success” and raised almost $1,000.  With tighter budgets and many needs, the PTA needs as much help as it can get in order to support our school and this was a nice start to the school year.

Yearbook Needs Moola
With high production costs and many competing school organizations, the BSGE yearbook has been having difficulties fundraising. You can help them out and relive your memories by buying discount back copy of yearbooks. The prices are: $20 for the 2006 yearbook and 2007 yearbook and $40 for the 2008 yearbook. The newspaper you’ll throw out tomrow but the yearbook you can cherish forever.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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