Stop the Drama, Vote Obama!

By Tiffany C ’12

America needs a change. This being, its time we had a democratic president, since its been over seven years having a republican president in office and we havnt been doing so well.
It’s been five years since we began war and American troops are still fighting for what? John McCain wants to stay in war for many more years and he quotes, “It could be 100 years…” War will only put us in more debt.
We had no real reason for invading their country to begin with. We accused Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction even when they denied it.  President Bush announced in 2004 that there were no weapons of mass distruction found in Iraq.
Barrack Obama wants troops “to come back home”, which makes more sense to do because our country is in debt and we arent in the place to be spending money freely. McCain wants to keep troops in Iraq, which would increase taxes.
McCain disagrees with the idea of unions in America. Unions are better for America and benefit the workers by giving them more opportunities and a larger pay.
Unions played a big role in American history and for McCain to be Anti-Union isn’t a good thing. Unions have resulted in many acts that helped America such as The Social Security Act (1935), The 40 hour week (1938), Pension Disclosure Act(1958), Equal Pay Act (1963), Civil Rights Act (1964).
Americans need a better lifestyle, we shouldn’t live in a country where our fair opportunities are taken away. McCain is anti-union because this puts the power in the hands of the workers, not the corporate executives. Wanna guess who his friends are? Unions aren’t good for corporate America because there is no gain for them.
Obama is pro-union and has walked picket lines with unions to help save peoples jobs. This is much better for Americans because a union job is safer and gives a larger paycheck at the end of the week.
Right now, Americans are forced to cope with high gas prices and a spike in job losses as well as a 2.3% income decrease in households. We need a president who will help us, not hurt us. MSNBC 08 says that Obama wants to raise Americans income and McCains response to his idea was that it would only worsen the already struggling economy. But really, if Americans got a higher income, then we would be able to catch up with the raise in taxes, gas prices, and goods, helping the lower class people.
McCain wants us to believe that our country is in such debt that we have to stay isolated from all financial projects, meanwhile he wants us to stay in the war in Iraq, which costs 341.1 million dollars per day. What a waste of money! Then he complains about a raise in our income as if making more money is as bad as throwing our money into this war we are in.
With all of this being said, I hope you now realize that we have one choice for a better America, Barrack Obama. We dont need another George W. Bush. 72% of Americans do not approve of George Bush. McCain would not be any better! Since President Bush took office, McCain has voted 89% of the time for his proposals. Just think about that.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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