by Marissa R '08

Word from the Real World: Marisa Reichel

Hey everybody!  I’m just about a month into college and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!  I’m liking all my classes and almost all my teachers.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my busy days and start at 9:05, which people complain about in college but it’s nothing compared to 7:50.
I first have Public Speaking with Dr.V.  in a class of about 15.  This class is based on four speeches that we make throughout the semester.  I gave my first speech about a week ago and am pleased to report I got a 26/30!
My second class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is a huge 50 minute class called Principles of Communication Theory where I am one of about 350 students.  Coming from BSGE where an average class size is about 16 you can imagine how freaked out I was by this on the first day of class. We basically have class in a movie theater sized classroom with Dr. Mortensen walking around the front of the room with a microphone.  Luckily the class is really interesting because it is VERY EASY to zone out in a class like that.  I make sure to always sit in on of the first 6 or 7 rows and made a point of introducing myself to the professor after class one day.  It’s always pretty tempting to skip the class and nap instead because there is absolutely no way he would know if I were there or not but I have to remind myself that the point of college isn’t to nap and I can’t be that irresponsible.  It’s a little nerve-wracking to speak aloud in the class but because I sit in the front I can forget about the hundreds of people sitting behind me and ask about something that confuses me or make a comment freely.
After Comm. Theory I have an hour and fifteen minutes before Spanish 107 where I am one of three freshmen in the class.  At first that totally scared me and I thought about switching out because I wasn’t confident in my ability but I got so lucky with who my teacher was that I decided to stick it out and now only a couple of weeks later I have some Juniors asking me what things in the textbook mean!  The professor prefers for us to call him Colin, which is a nice reminder of BSGE’s laidback vibe.  I have my first exam in a couple of weeks so in the next issue I can let you all know if I’m doing as well in the class as I think.
Then I’m finally at my last class of the day at 3:35 in English 110 with Dr. Lees who might just be the scariest man on the face of the earth.  Luckily I have enough skills from high school that I don’t have to face his glare that some of my classmates do when they don’t know the answer to one of his questions.  There are lots of writing assignments for the class but I’m used to that and there still isn’t nearly as much work as I constantly faced as an IB student.  Once I’m thoroughly exhausted by a Monday or a Wednesday I get to relax on Tuesday and Thursday because I have only one class and it isn’t until 12:30 so I get to sleep in every other day.  My Spanish class meets Monday through Thursday so that’s my 12:30 class and I get an extra long break on Fridays in between Comm. Theory and English.   The other class I take is a one-credit class that’s pretty similar to advisory.  It’s called FYE, which stands for the First Year Experience and it meets every Wednesday at 8 pm.  It’s 12 kids, taught by a Junior and we talk about what’s going on and anything we need help with.  It’s a great way to become really close to a group of kids from my classes and get help with anything that’s bothering or concerning me.
Then once the classes are done the fun part of college starts.  Without a doubt the best part of college is that there is ALWAYS someone around and something to do.  It rained yesterday and the swim team set up a slip n’ slide on the lawn, then last night people were having piggyback races down my hall.  Right now I’m getting ready to go to a concert the school is hosting.  Every weekend there are dozens of different things to do and if you decide to stay back at the room there are tons of people to stay back with and people get together to order food or watch a movie.  The same issues of time management and balancing work with fun that we all deal with in high school are exactly the same here, which is why Sunday is usually a homework-cram party in the lounge.  Well, I’m having a blast but still miss everyone at BSGE!!!!!  Hope to see everyone when I come home to visit for a weekend in October!

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