by Jolijt T '11

Avoid The BSGE Junior Weight Gain

Though sometimes it seems like an inevitable consequence, you should never need to sacrifice your physical or mental health. At BSGE, some students report gaining up to 20 pounds in their one year as a junior. Junior year can be very stressful and stress turns into headaches, sick days, overeating, panic attacks, sleepless nights and weight gain. Juniors experience a sudden jump from relatively challenging work to pull your hair IB diploma program work. The work tends to turn into all night munch sessions behind a computer. Below are some ways you can get the work done, stay healthy, manage stress (you can’t really get rid of it) and type on a full stomach.

1. Stay active; hardest rule first. When it comes down to basketball practice or the 7 on the math portfolio overrated life lessons and lectures on responsibility tell you to choose the latter. However, it’s much better to find a balance. Even doing something simple and quick like a 20 minute jog or Kendra Jackson’s Wednesday afternoon yoga class will help your body recover from a day of sitting at a desk. Exercise releases endorphins that create a natural sense of well-being and happiness. If you aren’t physically active, your energy level decreases and instead of being able to stay awake while writing the TOK essay you’ll be lethargic and do poorly.

2. Snack Healthy; probably just as hard as the first. Once the work gets hard and the hours get long, eating becomes a comfort. Food distracts you from your three remaining hours of work. Eat but eat smart; convince your body you can be comfortable with a smaller amount and a healthier snack. If you put the food in a smaller bowl (never eat out of the bag, the bottom is far away) it will look like there’s more. You should also replace chips and Red Bull (sugar and energy drinks can give a quick burst of energy but often ends in a crash) with “Funky Monkey Freeze-Dried Fruit” and milk.

3. Watch your attitude. Keep it positive and your energy will last longer. A negative outlook is just a drag and will slow you down. Instead of complaining about all the work you still have to do buckle down and meet the challenge head on. Convince yourself that you can do it and it’ll be hard to fail. Having a positive outlook will minimize stress.

4. Breathe deeply. Every now and then you should slow down and take a deep breath. Stop typing, stand up, stretch, picture something happy, get a glass of water and then go back to work.  Sitting and working for long stretches tightens your muscles and softens your body. High school is just that: high school.  Relaxing for a minute won’t be detrimental to your success. Taking a break will also let you collect your thoughts and prepare yourself for a difficult assignment.

5. Sleep. Sleep is often dropped, like exercise, for what seems like more important work. But tomorrow you’ll mostly likely have the same amount of work and soon you’ll realize you’ve only slept about 20 hours all week. Lack of sleep equals lack of concentration. Recent studies have shown that getting enough sleep is closely linked to upholding a healthy weight.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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