by Elisavet M '12

BSGE Welcomes Mr. Chow New Chinese Language Teacher

This school year BSGE welcomes both new students and new teachers into our school community.  One of those new teachers is Mr. Chow, BSGE’s new Chinese language teacher.  He is currently teaching 7th and 9th ? grade and he describes himself as “a friendly teacher [who is] teachable…able to teach and learn from others.”
He admitted that he was excited and anxious on his first day. Truthfully, who wouldn’t be feeling the same? He said, “The first day of school, I really loved the 7th grade, they were shy the first day and I tried to create a warm atmosphere.”
Interestingly, Mr. Chow wanted to be a biology teacher before he ever pursued a career in foreign language education. However, after thinking it through he made the realization that he was interested in the subject of literature, which led him to attend Hunter College. There he majored in language, literature and secondary applications of religion and philosophy.  His inquiry about the different ways people think and interpret ideas has never stopped. The topic of religion has sparked and gained his attention as well, and he observes this subject as a way of seeking the true meaning of life. His thoughts about examining, learning and questioning ideas and concepts have no boundaries, and this allows the wingspan of his mind to expand even further.
He includes ideas from philosophy while teaching Chinese.  When starting a lesson he writes a philosophical quote from different time periods by significant people from history. He then asks the class to write down responses and individual interpretations based in that quote.

The reason he does this is to make the students think more, especially outside of the box and it benefits and expands the class’ way of thinking.
Mr. Chow was raised in Hong Kong though he has never felt too strong a connection to Chinese culture. He doesn’t consider himself a very good language learner and considers himself a mix of western and eastern culture. When living in Hong Kong, he was taught the English language as well as Chinese. So when Mr. Chow came to live in the United States, it was easier to adapt to the new environment because of his familiarity with the language.
Making the decision to become a Chinese teacher was based on his love of literature and language. He believes that as a teacher he is not just willing to help others acquire new knowledge but also learn from students.  He stated that, “I am interested in Chinese and philosophy, I like the school environment more than working in an office, and I like to interacting with students as well.”
Mr. Chow also believes that engaging in outdoor activities is always better than spending time indoors and he also enjoys camping and hiking.  Several of his interests and hobbies outside of teaching are playing ping-pong among other sports.  Music is also a big and important part of his life. He feels as if he has formed a strong connection to music and loves listening and creating music himself.  He enjoys signing, playing guitar, keyboard, and the harmonica.

The BACC Rag staff and the BSGE community welcome you, Mr. Chow and hope you have a great school year.


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