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You may have heard about the bad economy now a days. But even though the economy is bad, there are still lots of electronics coming out in the market, and lots of them are very high tech and super cool.
The new trend in electronics is basically “touch.”  It’s the main thing going on in phones, ipods, and now even computers. Yes, it’s true, there are computers with touch screens; the new generation of computers.
First we start off with laptops and desktops. The newest Macbook and Macbook Pro came out on Oct. 16th 2008. The body of the laptop is made out of aluminum, the lightest metal there is, which makes the laptops really light. It has a sleek screen, which makes less noise when you open it than a regular Macbook does. It has thinner keys, and a wider keypad. The newest feature they added is the mouse. Instead of having 1 idiom button, it is all touch, and if you are one of those people who like using the clicker (idiom) all you have to do is press down, and it will click. As usual it has basic apple softwares, like Safari, Itunes, Ichat, etc. It has the basic video camera on the top center of the face. Now how will this laptop help us students at BSGE? Well first of all it will be lighter to carry. Many 11th graders have laptops with them, and most of those laptops are pretty heavy, so this new laptop would be lighter on our backs and probably more useful because it stores more documents and has high speed internet. Lets take a look at what kids from BSGE think of this new product. Emily Lushing in grade 7 says “ This is really awesome. For some reason after you told me about this I suddenly just want it!”. Neha Mehta also from grade 7 says “ I think the new Macbook is really cool, I like the way it looks, it seems more efficient and the new applications are better for everyone, the graphics and the touch pad are awesome and it’s easier for students to carry!”.  If you want to see the Macbook for yourself you can go to to and watch the guided tour, or go to the nearest Apple store. The New Macbook’s start at $1,000.
The newest desktop is the HP TouchSmart. As you can tell from its name it’s has a touch screen, screen. This is the newest generation in computers. The HP TouchSmart has some features the Iphone has. It has a library for your music, all you have to do it bring your finger across the screen and it will go through it, which is really cool. Another feature on the HP TouchSmart is the wireless keyboard, even if you are 4 feet away from your computer it will work. The computer comes with a microphone and web cam built in. The best part is that the speakers are super sound premium speakers, which means the sound will come out better and clearer. The computer also has a 22” diagonal wide screen, which makes watching movies and videos more fun. If you are one of those people who care about the environment you will be happy to know that this computer is a Energy Star product, which means that they use 55% less metal, and 35% less plastic than regular PC’s. This will be good for BSGE students because it contains everything you ever wanted. It has a little for applications and a music player, the basic features. At home it will mainly be fun to just touch the screen without anyone yelling “Stop touching the screen you’ll mess up the computer!”. Neha Mehta currently a 7th grader at BSGE says “It is perfect, it has lots of programs and I think touch is what everyone likes because it’s easier to just touch than to click, and your hand hurts if you click to much, and the best thing is it’s really big!” This computer starts at $1,299.99. If you want to see the desktop for yourself you can go to, and search HP TouchSmart.
Next we move on to phones. Have you heard of how all phones have been turning into touch screens? Well the newest touch screen phone is the G1 (google phone). This phone has a mix of Iphone and Sidekick slide. It has a trackball for people who aren’t too comfortable with touch. It has Internet just as fast as a PC, and is the first google phone that is used with android (a software). The really cool part is, when you slide up the screen to reveal the keypad it takes less than a second to register that it has been turned upside down. The only flaw is that when typing on the keypad you might feel uncomfortable because the side of your hand will keep touching the trackball and the Call and End button. Like Apple products, Google added widgets for the phone,  so you can add a clock, a calendar, pictures, Youtube, ECT. If you like downloading songs and movies, you will love the G1, it has 8 gigabytes, so you will get plenty of movies to watch. It has a widescreen as I mentioned, and that makes it easier and faster to dial in phone numbers. I asked 2 students ( Emily Lushing and Neha Mehta)  what they thought of the G1 Emily said “It’s really interesting, and I like how it has a keyboard, that’s really good for texting sometimes.” But Neha had a different opinion, she told me “It’s ok, it’s not really that big of a deal. It’s just a Iphone with a keyboard, it’s not even attractive looking.” The price of the G1 starts at $179.99. If you want to see the Google Phone yourself you can go to and search G1, a whole page dedicated to the Google Phone will show up.
So all these electronics I have showed you have somewhat of a special ‘touch’ to them. Speaking of touch, the new Blackberry Storm is coming out really soon, go check it out online, and make sure to check out one of these electronics online or at your nearest Best Buy, Circuit City, Apple Store, or RadioShack.


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