by Thomas K '10

Kristen Spang- Leading The Way to Lady Sting Victory

Kristen Spang has high hopes for the upcoming basketball season at BSGE.  With the first game on November 25th, Kristen and the Lady Sting are really practicing hard to have what it takes to compete in the girls High school basketball league. “ We have 11 practices before our first game so we’ll be practicing almost every day until the 25th.” After an impressive start to last year’s development season with a record of 5-4, Kristen is helping to lead the way for the Lady Sting to an even more successful season. Although a captain has not been announced for the Lady Sting yet and many fingers are being pointed at Kristen ,she feels she is no different from any other player on the Sting.“ I don’t think I deserve it more than anyone else. We’ve always worked as a team and I think that if we work together it’ll be much more productive.”
Kristen has developed as a player and now is playing a very important role this season. She will dress for her second year as a part of the Lady Sting and is very excited for what is to unfold this season “ I think we have a really good chance this year, and our goal is the playoffs, or even maybe a championship.” After a slow start last season the Lady sting were able to put the pieces together and come out and finish with an over .500 record. This year the expectations go beyond. A strong overall effort this season will “sting” the opponents faced. “ This year, as opposed to last, we can focus more on plays [since] we don’t have to work as much on the basic fundamentals because the girls that were new to the sport last year are that much better”.
Because the Lady Sting were a developmental team last year they were not eligible for playoff contention, regardless of their record. They did not play as many games as other teams did but they did handle themselves against some of the top teams. “ By the end of the season we were a threat to the other teams,” Kristen boasts. The Lady Sting proved themselves and are now ready to take their games to the next step. Kristen, being one of the most productive players last season, will help bring the Lady Sting to that next step. With a few of last year’s players not taking part in this year’s girl’s basketball season, it is time for Kristen and the rest of the players to step their game up. “I am going to keep doing what led us to success last season, and that’s driving in. Something that I plan to improve on this season is my lefty lay up. It will make me stronger as a player, and something I want to also change in my game are the fouls I take. I want to calm down with the fouls because that’s almost always an issue”.
With the season around the corner, the Lady Sting are getting prepared to help represent BSGE. With the help of Kristen and the rest of the Sting players the Lady Sting stand a good chance against any opponent they will come face-to-face with.


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