by Fazla R' 14

New Football Team

    Just a few weeks ago, Coach Mac announced the start of the new after school football program. This program is for seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth graders only. Coach Mac’s new football program is for students who can take the heat. The first hour, they do drills and then get into some intense flag football. The first practice was on October 3rd. After that practice, most people didn’t want to go back. Ilir Hidra, 7th grade, said that it was hardest football training that he ever did. For the first hour and a half, they did drills and agility techniques. They started a game of Flag Football. Many students came home tired and aching. They never wanted to play a game of football ever again. They got over the pain and the next practice, a lot more people were volunteering to stay after school for football.
There are helmets and shoulder pads and other football gear involved. There will be lap running, crunches, and pushups too. If you can do these then you will definitely make it to the team. If you want to join, please contact Coach Mac in room 202 after school or during your lunch period. Practices are held on Tuesdays, from 4:00PM to 6:00PM, and on Fridays, from 3:00PM to 5:00PM.

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