by BACC Rag staff

Our Thoughts on the 2008 National Election Results.

Neyla Sassi: Both candidates continuously distracted the public with jabs at each other’s not only race, but past events or experiences rather than the politics, which is (in the end) what they are here for or to debate about….I mean it wasnt politics…it was race.

Michael Ursu: I personally do not think that this election was about race, I think it was the fact that George Bush messed up big time for the Republicans. Race is just a big illusion to me, and it will not affect how I vote in the future.

Daniel Fridman:
This election, was undoubtedly about race. The common American citizen was looking for a transition away from the old conservative white male  and felt that it was time for a new direction. Minority citizens voted in favor a change away from conservative caucasians leading the US, and their votes have revamped America. Hope was voted into the white house based on the bliss ignorance of American citizens in favor of change.

Emily: The election was more about race. For some people this race was the deciding factor. This election will not affect the way I will vote in the future because the country will be in a different condition in the next election.

Natalie A.: I think that it was both but race was a big and new issue that didn’t really come up in the past. This was a big change and everyone saw new things being discussed.

Mark Bosz: It was more about politics. although race played a major part, issues such as mccain’s age were a bigger problem than obama’s race, which just shows that obama didn’t win because of his race, but because of his politics.

Dominique Cotticchio: Well to answer the first question. I think it was a mix of both. On the idea of race it obviously had an affect. I mean there were white democrats that voted republican due to the general idea of racism. Also there were many more latino and black people voting this year than ever and from what was recorded the majority of them voted obama. I seen a comparison of the anit bellum map of who is a republican and democratic compared to this years election and it was almost identical, prooving the race card was a factor. But then again there was a tremendous amount of white people who voted obama. It was the idea that people felt that he was really re-opening our idea to a democracy and embracing it more than and president in the recent past has. And I think it does affect the way ill choose to vote. One, because I was an obama supporter and I believe that if he does the job he plans on doing it will set his name in records for the changes he’ll be making. Being such a good president Ill choose the president that will follow his footsteps in the future.

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