Parent Teacher Conferences: Way too Early

by Mariam B ’12

This year parent teacher conferences were held on the 24th and 25th of October, only two months into the school year. Just like every year, students were able to volunteer to help and maintain an organized and calm environment, while the parents got to discuss their children’s progress with teachers. While students and parents were attending the conferences, they were able to give their input on what they thought about this year’s parent teacher conferences. Parents agreed that the conferences gave insight on the work that their child had been doing from the beginning of the school year but they also said that the conferences were too early.  How were students expected to give teachers an accurate sense of their abilities in such a short amount of time?
Students thought that it was unfair because they were not able to get used to the criteria and techniques that the teachers used to grade them. It was not useful because of the fact that school had just started and they needed time in order to get used to what is expected of them.
On the other hand, although many parents thought that the conferences had been held too early, some thought that it was helpful that they were so early.  “It’s a good way for teachers to connect with the parents and in order to express their ideas on what they think about the child” said one anonymous parent.  You get an early start in order to improve rather then going into the year and later realizing your weaknesses when it is too late in the semester to make changes.
Whatever the case may be, those who did not like the conferences they should be relieved that they are over, for this semester.  Students should now know what they need to improve upon.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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