by Alexandra K '13 by Alexis C '13

Should I Stay?

It may only be the beginning of the school year, but many eighth  graders need to be thinking about their plans for high school. Is their first high school choice Baccalaureate or do they want to transfer? We all know that Baccalaureate has it’s highs and lows,but how do they affect people’s decisions to stay?
School records say that more than 75% of eighth grade students end up staying in B.S.G.E. Some agree that it’s because they don’t want to go through the hassle of exams and auditions. However, other students can’t see themselves at another school. Paulina C. says”I know all the people here and I’m afraid that if I go to another school the environment won’t be as close…I love it here.” As it stands, 42% of students want to stay in B.S.G.E. for the rest of their high school career.
For other people, B.S.G.E doesn’t offer everything they are into. Some people are into sports and other are into art and music, but not every year you are given these classes. When we went around to ask people their preferences, many talked about the positives of other schools. Ava M. feels that B.S.G.E. isn’t challenging enough. “I think Stuyvestant is able to provide a better learning environment for me.”
Many people like Ava have taken the specialized high school exam in hopes of switching. About 25% of students chose a specialized school as their first choice. The rest of the people don’t know what they plan on doing yet; which is about 13%. Should I stay or Should I go? “I’m still weighing my options…to see what better suits my interests” says Andrea J. There isn’t much more time to decide. Remember, applications for high schools are due at the end of November.

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