by Marcelo T '08

Word from the Real World: Marcelo Triana

The smell of moist concrete and frigid air struck my face. The dread of cramming for midterms loomed over my head. Passing through the Warren Hunting Smith Library’s electronic detectors, I quickly took of my ipod headphones. Since the beginning of the semester the third floor was home for all my studying habits. My only hope for efficient memorization of all my notes was to corner myself off from the world. Dropping my books on an empty table in the back of the library, examination of three months of notes began. Studying for Intro to American Politics, I transitioned from the early twentieth century political party reforms to the cyclical nature of Republican economic policies. Abruptly I noticed three hours had passed and it was time for reviewing the origins of the modern world. Devishirmis, Zheng He, and society with slaves now occupied my last two hours in the library.
Glances at the clock at the front of the room displayed the hurried elapsing of the time. The professor continuously counted down, blurting out, “twenty”, “ten” and “five minutes left.” Panic and anxiety fell over me. I rushed to transfer the knowledge I had taken in – from hours of studying -to paper. Ultimately ending my essay with the deficiencies of the 2008 McCain presidential campaign, my last mid term had ended. With my job at the café canceled for the Fall Recess, I took the follow weekend to take in some much needed rest. I looked forward to traveling to Binghamton University to visit my beloved sister after two months.
The refreshing breeze of mountain air rushed into the small four-door car. Two long hours gave me time to bond with my newfound friend, Matt, from Seattle. Both eagerly awaiting to arrive at Binghamton to see a Lupe Fiasco concert, we inquired about one another’s history. I realized that Matt, in his own ways, had dealt with his own personal struggles and despite being from two different worlds we are similar. Enjoying the concert and the visit to my sister, I felt rejuvenated. I began to develop a greater appreciation for the environment that engulfed me. Further reflecting on the trials and tribulations of the past few weeks I feel as if my personal growth as a person and student are immeasurable.


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