by Jolijt T '11

BSGE One of America’s Top HS

Congratulations are in order for all of BSGE’s staff, alumni, and students. US News recently ranked BSGE as 38th on the nation’s top 100 public high schools. Stuyvesant High School is ranked, 23rd; High School of American Studies is ranked 29th and Bronx Science is 33rd, only 5 slots higher than BSGE. Other than those 3, BSGE is placed higher than all of New York’s specialized high schools.
Brooklyn Technical School for example,  placed 67th.
BSGE is currently the best public high school in Queens and the 6th best in NYC.
This is only the 6th year since BSGE’s founding and our school has already been placed higher than schools like Townsend Harris, established in 1904 and currently ranked 70th. Every year BSGE improves exponentially indicating a future expectaions of higher scores, more diploma graduates, and higher US News rankings. Ms. Johnson says the faculty and staff are “excited and eager to out do it.”
10th grader Solemia Gainza says her main concern when it  came to choosing her high school was BSGE’s lack of recognition and whether or not colleges would know what type of school they were looking at. “Who has heard of little BSGE,” asked another sophmore. These rankings, however, should come as a huge comfort. This means colleges will not only see a applicant with 6 years in an IB program, who perhaps has an IB diploma but also a student that went to the 38th best high school in the country. They will see an applicant and understand that he/she got an excellent education at the tiny, young and still growing, sometimes disorganized, crowded, Baccalaureate School for Global Education.
With data from the previous school year US News studied 21,069 public high schools in the United States. Their awarding stystem had three stages that the high schools needed to survive to be ranked.
At the first stage of elimination US News checked whether the school’s students were preforming at a level higher than the state average. Schools that did moved onto the next round where it was determined whether the school’s disadvantaged students were also preforming at a level higher than expected.  Schools were then ranked by how many of their students took AP tests or, in our case, the IB tests, and how well they did. This number is the school’s “college readiness index.” To make the list  schools needed to have an index over 20 because 20 means the “critical mass” of the students take college-level coursework. BSGE’s college readiness index is 79.8.
We are also listed on their top IB schools in America.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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