by Thomas K '10

Caught Smoking Weed

Three girls were caught smoking marijuana in the girl’s locker room, bet ween second and third period onWednesday, December 10th. The smell of smoke was obvious when three girls came running from the girl’s locker room on the second floor.   They came out laughing when they were stopped by Mr. Macdonald.  The incident put a damper on BSGE’s excitement over our placement on US News’ top high schools list. It left teachers shaking their heads and three tenth grade girls on superintendent’s suspension, which will take place outside of the building. A fourth student involved, a tenth grade boy, is also suspended for possession on school grounds. He attend school during regular hours for two days but must come in from 2-4pm. Their poor judgement has not only negatively affected them but the whole BSGE community. This incident  sets a poor example for all grades, especially the younger ones. It’s a disgrace and tarnishes our record.  Our Principal, Ms. Johnson declined to comment on the situation. We will publish more articles when we have more information.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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