Kendra Jackson’s Advisory On the Respect Ripple Effect

by Mariam Bhatti            

This letter is to encourage the student body at BSGE to be more respectful towards others, themselves and their surroundings. One individual can bring upon a change, although many believe that it is false. However, with determination one can. You need to learn how to respect others in order to gain respect from them. No one likes to be treated unequally. Everyone likes to be treated with trust, respect and dignity. This letter is a request to the BSGE family. Please increase the amount of respect you have for yourselves and others.
One person can change the ideas of another peer and one by one it is possible to create a better classroom. A better classroom in which students ignore imperfections and look at the positive. An environment in which students forgive and forget and treat others the way you want to be treated.
I hope this letter has an influence on those reading and that they will be aware that respect will create a calmer, more peaceful and friendlier environment. Students are able to come to school every morning knowing that they will not be discriminated against and leave the building with good feelings of mutual respect.

by Lenny Herrera

The “Ripple Fffect” in our school would affect us in a great way. Being respectful is key, and if you are respectful to someone they will treat you with respect. I have had my days when someone in school is not respectful and that caused my emotions to go down and I found my day being bad. If people in our school, and in other schools, would be more respectful it would make more people want to come to school.
Many students in New York do not treat their teachers with respect. A teacher works had and he/she wants you to get some thing out of the class. So if you disrespect them that would obviously get them mad and then we ask why teachers are so mean.
Students should also be respectful to other students. I have seen shows where kids are afraid to go to school because classmates are disrespecting them. Our school, from experience, is good at this whole “respectful” idea. However, we can all admit it can be better! We should all try to be a little nicer to each other. We are a family.

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