by BACC Rag staff

Short Stories 12/08

“Beasts” Win It All
BSGE will soon need a new trophy case, mostly thanks to our  debate team: “BSGE Beasts.”
Nathan Nikolic & Jackie Chen came in 1st place Novice division at Brooklyn Tech Nov. 1. Marcelo Jimenez & Gino Solano came in 2nd place JV division. Erika Tannor & Shira Almeleh came in 1st place at Rutgers Nov. 8. Daranee Nasongkhla & Rudy Fuzaylov came in 4th place. Marcelo Jimenez & Gino Solano came in 5th place. They continued to win another 15 trophies at their last tournament.

BSGE Gets “Paper cuts”
Either the paper-burning gremlins are at it again or BSGE has cut back on paper to “be more consciencious about usage and waste.” Ms. Johnson added that the school needs to scale back on costs. The school will also be “mailing out a BSGE Wish List to parents asking for paper and other things,” because we need to “counter the cuts to the budget.” Paper costs approximently $5,000 a year.

Sentenced to 15 Minutes in Prison
In effect on December 10th for grades 8-12 and December 15th for new students, BSGE officials are implementing our late policy. Students who arrive 10 minutes late or more (after 8:00am) will need to swipe their ID card, go to first period class, attend detenion, and their parents will be called. Detention will start at 3:15pm and students must sit in the detention room and stare at the wall.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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