Students Should Carry Laptops At BSGE

Many schools through out the US have been asking students from grade 7th through college to bring laptops to school instead of binders, textbooks, and notebooks. Some reasons are: it’s more convenient, the documents don’t get messed up, and the main reason, it hurts your back way less, and it’s easier to carry on subways, than carrying a book bag and hurting everyone else around you.
A laptop is better to carry around than books in your bag because it’s more organized. Students carry binders and textbooks in book bags and while they are walking there is extra weight to their back, and also their papers sometimes move from their place and rip. To keep your important documents safe you could always use a laptop, and store it in designated files. That way I never rips, and if you need to find something fast you could always go to, search for documents.
Laptops are better for the environment too. Student Ana Milijack says we should have laptops because “all we would need for school would be on the laptop, and also we could save paper by sending our assignments in instead of printing them out.”
One of the main reasons why laptops are better than heavy books in your bag is because it weighs much less. Say you’re on the subway with your book bag, and all the heavy books on your back, when you get up and turn around, your bag turns and hits people. If you had a laptop in your bag, it would be much more convenient, and easier for your back to handle. Plus you would have more arm space, for your arms to move. Many textbooks are also available as PDFs so student could always, in class and at home, have their textbook without needing to carry it.
Many seniors do use laptops in class but younger grades are not permitted to. Many teachers are against laptops. They claim students would use them to surf the internet or finish homework during class hours.
We are the generation that grew up with computers and we understand them. It would help the environment, save our backs and prepare us for a work world in which, at the majority of jobs, computers play a large role.

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