by Kelly V '12

Teacher of the Month: Mr. Greg Hofer

Name: Greg Hofer
Subject: Physics
Grade: 9th

What do you think of the kids in your classes?
I would say generally well-behaved. There are some people who act up a little bit or are not paying attention…but I find them pretty well-behaved.

What’s your earliest childhood memory?
Sitting eating a plate of eggs with a thunderstorm outside.

Who is the most influential person you know?
Hmm…it would be my kids. I see what they’re doing and I guess that influences me somewhat…their ideas and their thoughts and what they’re doing.

What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to anyone?
That was to my younger sister when she was coming up from the basement and I pulled the shirt I had over my head and swung the door open and went “boo” and she almost fell down the stairs.

What superpower would you love to have?
I guess to fly…you can get a great view of the world around…you can get up there in high altitudes and then zoom up, zoom around…so you can see things that might not be easy to see otherwise.

What are you really scared of? Why?
I guess, would be, an extremely confining space…I mean very very very confining…being in caves doesn’t bother me but an extremely confining space would probably bother me…because trying to get back out might be difficult.

One word to describe yourself.

What do you do when you’re mad?
When I’m mad I get very loud.

Whom do you wish you could meet?
Neil Armstrong…it would be very fascinating to meet the first man to walk on the moon.

What was your favorite school subject when you were in school?
The sciences and math…it was something I understood, and understood how it worked… and I found it very interesting.

Have you ever won anything?
I won awards for my volunteering…things like that…something that’s called in the Boy Scouts as the ‘Silver Beaver Award’ which is for the volunteering that I’ve done in scouting.

When you were in school would you say you were a bully or that you were bullied?
I was bullied…in high school, very much so…because I walked to the beat of a different drummer…I wasn’t an athlete, I just did things differently and it made other kids uncomfortable…so I got beat up, especially by the football players.

What was your dream job when you were younger?
Navy pilot…you know fly planes real fast, real high…I checked my eyesight stopped me from doing that…oh well.

Have you ever thought about changing your job?
I have changed my job so it’s not just thinking about that, I’ve done that…it all depends what opportunities, what comes up…you know, I might change my job again, who knows.

What’s your biggest question on life?
It’s why there’s so much hate…I just can’t comprehend it…why there’s so much hate.

You wish you could…
Be a lot thinner.

Favorite kind of cookie?
Oatmeal raisin.

Worst movie ever?
The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes…it’s really bad.

Who taught you how to ride a bike?
My father…I fell and then got up and kept riding until I could do it alone.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only bring 5 things with you what would you bring?
Garlic; its always good to have good spices…a book to read, or books, I don’t know if you’ll let me have more then one…a knife, you gotta cut things down, you gotta build shelter…a cup to drink out of…and a pan to cook things in.

Any advice for us kids?
The world’s ahead of you…and opportunities abound…but they’re not going to fall in your lap…you gotta work for them and you gotta be careful with them…and you’re a great bunch of guys.


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