by Marissa R '08

Word from the Real World: Marisa Reichel

Hey everybody! Happy end of the first semester.  I’m officially done with everything with the exception of one final.  It’s been a pretty stressful week with papers and tests and evaluations all due on the same couple of days but nothing I didn’t deal with in BSGE.  My final for English was a 7-page research paper that was daunting to most people in my class—but it has nothing on the Extended Essay.  It’s definitely been a hectic week with a speech to give and a paper due on Monday, a Spanish essay due Tuesday and two finals on Wednesday!  A good thing about living with people in your classes is it leaves a great opportunity to study in groups.  I also utilized office hours this week.  That’s when a professor holds time for students to come to his or her office for any extra help or if you have any questions.   Luckily all of that is done by now and I have 9 days until my last final.  I figured that gives me lots of time to study, help other people prepare for their finals and leisurely pack for Winter break.  After my final on the 19th I come home back to New York!! It’s a bittersweet time here because everyone is excited to go back home and eat home-cooked meals, and sleep in their own beds but the University of Delaware has one of the longest Winter breaks and we’ll all be home for just about two months.  It’s going to be weird without seeing the people I’ve grown so close to within the past semester.  But two months is enough time to visit each other as well as visiting other BSGE friends with shorter breaks at their schools.  I’m also definitely going to come by BSGE and say hi to everyone in person.  Good luck with college applications seniors and all other work to everyone else!!!

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