Book Review: Twilight From a Guy’s Perspective

by Sayeed A ’14

I don’t understand what all the fuss was about because this book was just okay. The plot in the book was decent but the characters were hollow and boring. I am a guy so maybe I would not like a story in a girl’s point of view. The love story parts of the book were freaky and inexcusable and also a little graphic and detailed. The book was also repetitive at times. It always stated how it rained in the Forks, Bella’s hometown and how she went to class and talked to her friends. Why do I care what she has to do every second? This not only diverts from the main story line but also makes the story seem a lot longer and less interesting than all the hype behind it. The only part I enjoyed in the slightest was the gym fight scene which was the only action in this bland, emotionless, story and even then the author managed to make it into a bland and emotionless scene.
The emotional side of all the characters was so annoying that you got the feeling that every single one of them was emo. All Stephanie Meyer left out was wrist cutting. Is this what she think of teens, romance, and vampires? No person is so depressed and lonely that she has to date her imaginary vampire boyfriend. The characters were really awkwardly written. Take Edward for example. First he hates Bella, and then he stalks her while she sleeps. “I’ve been watching you sleep for the past six months now, it’s very interesting,” he admits to Bella after being caught. But Edward’s creepiness is only overshadowed by that of Bella. She actually accepts the fact that she was being stalked by a vampire at night and thinks of it as the ultimate pick up line, one that actually works!
They say not to judge a book by its cover but a book’s title tells a lot about its story. First of all, why is the title “Twilight”? It has absolutely no connection to the story line. It basically said Twilight once in the whole 511 pages around the end of the story. The “teen romance, vampire, action novel of the year”? I expected this story to live up to all its hype and to be filled with emotional scenes and vampire on vampire action. But no, I was treated to a novel so bad that I had hard time finishing it. The next time someone tells you how good Twilight is, just tell them, “no thanks!”


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