by Jolijt T '11

BSGE Will Be Rocked

On March 13th the cafeteria will be sufficiently rocked at BSGE’s first lounge night concert. The Rock the House Concert, hosted by Noelle Cotti will run from 7:00pm-11:00 pm.
The proceeds will go to two different organizations that promote education in African. On Facebook the event’s popularity is growing rapidly. Even more so now that students are learning that the new, up and coming band, The Midnight Cult, will be playing. TMC, four BSGE students and Darwin Javier, a sophomore at Forest Hills HS, actually came together for this event. However, now they’ve managed to book four other gigs. Their keyboarder, Kristopher “Kritty” Kesoglides says they’re “excited to play.”
Other scheduled artists include Michael Ursu, Sam Levine, Mark Bosz, Oliver Ponce, all on the guitar, Steffi Jeong with vocals, Jonathan Iboje rapping and Kathy Oritiz will be reading poetry.


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