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High School Musical at BSGE

On January 23rd, people started lining up for auditions in our dance room. The setting was especially appropriate considering the auditions were for BSGE’s adaptation of High School Musical (HSM). HSM is a popular Disney channel movie staring Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.
Tenth grader Sarah Diaz is directing 3 scenes from the movie as her personal project. In addition to directing and filming the scenes she is also providing the costumes and choreography. For the most part the choreography is taken from directly from the movie but for one scene Sarah will add some of her own impressive dance moves.
A requirement for the roles is being able to sing. “Some people are shy about singing and others just belted it out,” Sarah said.
Some of the filming will be taking place in our cafeteria. If a gym and auditorium cannot be found conversions will be made to the caferteria or the dance room will be made. Although Sarah would “love to get a gym” it’s unlikely.
Sarah says a second round of auditions will take place soon for people who couldn’t make it to the first one. Roles are open for extras as well as lead roles so there’s even a job for people who don’t love the spotlight.


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