by Ana M '14

Movie Review: Yes Man

I walked into this
movie thinking it was going
to be a waste of time and
money. After all, previous
Jim Carrey movies didn’t
exactly give this movie
a good reputation (think
“Liar, Liar“ and “Bruce
Almighty”; you get my
point.). But I was still curious
about the plot of this
movie, a man who can only
say yes to everything. So,
semi-reluctantly, I agreed
to sit through the movie.
Jim Carrey plays
Carl, a divorced loan officer
who says no to going out
with friends, going on dates
and pretty much everything
else. One day he meets his
old friend Nick, played
by John Michael Higgins,
who convinces him to go
to a self- help seminar. The
seminar is about learning
how to say “yes”. After the
seminar leader (Terence
Stamp) tells Carl he is in a
covenant and can only say
“yes” to every opportunity
that is thrown at him, Carl
ends up lending his phone
to a hobo, learning Korean,
and attending his boss’s
“Harry Potter” themed party.
The night of the
seminar, Carl runs out of gas
and meets a biker named Allison.
She gives him a ride
home and leaves. A couple
of days later, he sees her
band performing in a bar
and they start talking. She
invites him to her morning
jogging/ photography class
and they begin dating. Carl
gets a promotion at his job
because of him saying yes
to every loan he looks over.
His life is going great until
he takes a last minute flight
to Lincoln, Nebraska with
I really enjoyed
this movie though it was
predictable. I thought it
was really funny and a lot
better than most Jim Carrey
movies. The plot is pretty
similar to “Liar, Liar.” The
actors in the movie are really
good, especially Zooey
Deschanel, who plays Allison.
The movie is a little
corny at times and the plot
isn’t that original but if you
overlook these little faults,
you’ll enjoy this movie.

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