by Erin C '14

Places to Eat in the Neighborhood: Panera

laidback place to hang
out. Order some food, read
a book, do your homework,
or listen to some music.
This place can be compared
to Starbucks with its
jazzy music and relaxed atmosphere.
H o w e v e r,
it has a lot
more food
than Starbucks,
free refills
on soda and
I always order the
half soup/half sandwich
meal. It is a cup of soup
with half a sandwich. The
French onion soup is delicious.
It is full of onions,
cheese, and giant chunks
of bread. It’s a hearty soup
that will warm you up on
cold winter days.
Panera Bread is
known for its huge menu
of familiar and different
breads. The sandwich I
ate, a Bacon Turkey Bravo,
came on a tasty tomato basil
bread. A huge mound
of turkey is the only thing
I can taste in my first few
bites. Then, I taste the
very flavorful Gouda, the
crunchy bacon, and the
crisp lettuce. This sandwich
has many strong tastes, but
they come together well.
Panera Bread is a
good spot for students. It’s
pretty cheap. A half soup/
half sandwich meal with a
small soda costs about ten
dollars, and they have free
refills. Good food, a relaxing
atmosphere, and a place
to do your homework make
this spot ideal. Move over
Starbucks, Panera is taking


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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