by Daniel F '10

Softball Preview

The BSGE Softball
Sting have taken the
first steps to the spring and
begun preparing for the upcoming
The girls, not
head coach Virge Ramos,
have organized 7th period
weekly workout sessions
for Tuesdays and Thursdays,
with intentions of
increasing agility and more
importantly speed. One of
the problems, even from
last season, was the lack of
speed both around the bases
and in the field; these training
sessions come with intentions
of increasing team
speed, which is an absolute
necessity. “It had nothing to
do with me, it was all their
idea” said
Ramos of the girls initiative
to organize training
It’s necessary even
more now than it’s been at
any time in the past few
years, as the girls Sting are
immensely short-handed.
4 of the 9 starting fielders
have graduated and
moved on to college and
star-pitcher Kristen Spang
has been sidelined for 4-
6 weeks with a torn ligament
in the right thumb.
Spang is slated to be back
for the start of the season in
early March, however will
miss most, if not all of the
workout sessions before the
season. Spangs role in the
rotation will dip relatively
low with her injury and the
emergence of superstar and
softball veteran Catherine
Pena. Pena, in her first season
with the school club
will begin the season as the
ace of the pitching staff.
Raving reviews have come
out of the coaching staff and
the team itself about Pena’s
pitching capabilities. In addition
to Pena, BSGE will
have a fresh, healthy Jamie
Caroccio in line to pitch and
field to start the season.
The team has 0 seniors
in line to play this season,
and is still looking for
athletic girls to come along
board; speed and quickness
are a plus, however, athletic
experience is what the team
is lacking, and needs to
help produce a successful
With an incredibly
strong, deep pitching
staff, the girls Sting look
good defensively; that said,
more talent and athletic
experience is necessary to
make this team a contender
– work out with coach Ramos’
team and see if softball
is the sport for you, or
simply support and cheer
on all of Sting, Catherine
Pena and newly appointed
captain Jamie Caroccio as
they battle their way into
the 2009 season.


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