by Jessi H '11

Editorial: BSGE STUDENTs Don’t Dance

Throw a dark empty room with a few balloons, even less people, and music together and you have Mardi Gras, a recent BSGE dance. Although students were being led to believe many tickets were being sold, about fifteen people in all showed up that night. But why is it that the number of BSGE students that attend the dances has gotten so low?
For a while the dance floors of the BSGE dances had been packed, but for the last couple of years, people have lost interest, with more and more students deciding not to go. The boat dance used to be on everyone’s mind, students looked forward to it months in advance. Even that, however, was cancelled last, due to lack of tickets being sold.    Of the students that attended Mardi Gras, most had similar reasons for going, Solemia Gainza says, “I felt bad for the seniors, apparently the seniors didn’t feel bad because like two of them showed up!” Karina Rhem agreed, as she was there, “to support the seniors.” But most of the senior class didn’t even go to the Senior Council’s dance.
Many students however, did not find the act of supporting the seniors a strong enough reason to attend. Emily Rose says she did not go, “because they don’t plan dances well.”
Students always seem to have their share of comments and complaints about our social events. Solemia however has a more positive outlook. She believes that, “if everyone went to the dances, they would be amazing.” People seemed to have lost all enthusiasm over the years, but perhaps by getting back into the BSGE spirit everyone will adapt a more positive outlook on it. And students should remember that the dances are open to everyone, so why not bring some outside friends?
Prepaps the organizers should be more excited about their dances, the students may follow suit. Perhaps the students should give the next dance a chance.

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