by Pamela R '11


According to Planned Parenthood, the definition of abstinence varies per person.  Some people believe that abstinence means not to have genital-to-genital intercourse while others think that to practice abstinence, one must have absolutely no sexual intercourse.
The motives to practice abstinence vary per person as well.  In some cases, authoritative people, like parents, guardians, or older siblings, force the practice upon individuals.
Others are bound by their religion. One BSGE student admitted that the Bible and her devotion influence her abstinence.
Yet others practice abstinence for the sole purpose of protection from STDs and pregnancy.  Ninth grader, Elisavet Makridis said, “We should stay abstinent because your life can be completely changed” and that people should be “careful of HIV/AIDS.”
However you define the term abstinence and it’s motives, it is always a practice that should be considered.

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