by Sarah D '11

Protection Clarification

For sexually active students, protection during sexual intercourse is essential. Things like STIs (sexually transmitting infection), commonly referred to as STDs, and pregnancies can result from not using protection.
Although it is the most common, condoms are not the only form of protection. Other forms of birth control include cervical cap, diaphragm, female condom, spermicide, and sterilization for both males and females. Of course the only 100% guaranteed form of protection is abstinence.
Some people are unaware that multiple forms of protection only shield from pregnancies, but do not include protection from STIs. Both male and female condoms reduce your risk of infection. Condoms breaking should always be taken into account because this can lead to pregnancies or infections. Any other kind of barrier protection defends against sexually transmitted infections.
Sex play is one of the safest kinds of sex. Using protection, of course makes any kind of sex safer sex.Β  And don’t forget, use a condom even with oral sex.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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