by Thomas K '10

Sting Player Profile: Billy Olivares

With the BSGE baseball season around the corner many question marks are still in the heads of the Sting players. Who far will they go this year? Is the talent there? Do they stand a chance? With the loss of some key players suffered by the Sting, the new look Sting have a lot more responsibility, and a few of these questions wandering. With weight training in effect, and some practices starting to take place baseball season is at the doorstep. After having an outstanding first season of existence, the Sting are going to be back in action soon, trying to once again play hard, and potentially have a better season than the previous. That all lies in the player’s hands, and particularly one, who was amongst the most effective last season Billy Olivares.
Billy has been playing baseball for many years, ever since he was a kid. Growing up playing in various leagues, for various teams, Billy was taught the fundamentals of Baseball, bringing what he has learned to the Sting. Billy’s effort last season was of much help to the Sting, and the team will now need to rely on him more as his role will be much higher this upcoming season “ I feel good, I worked out over the summer, got into shape, and I’m ready for the upcoming season”. Billy has worked hard to get into great shape for baseball this year, and he feels he can deliver this year for the Sting, if, and when they are in need, “skill wise I feel skill improves as you get older, my game has improved, and I do feel that I will play at a high performance. I just feel that the pressure of being more of a leader this year will be harder to deal with”.
The two new leaders of the Sting are Daniel Fridman, and Evan Badler, both of whom show great character, and leadership in the locker room.
Billy’s responsibility on the team will be more of a go to guy rather than a leader, Daniel Fridman strongly believes that he can lead this team to many wins, all of course with the help and performance of Billy. Billy feels strongly about his teammate, “Daniel is a great leader, he knows what he is talking about, and he knows what to say and when to say it. He can help build this team, and help players develop. He’s like a second coach out there”. With the strong help of Coach Mac, Billy believes that this year’s team has a chance to go far “ If we as a team find the right positions to play in, and the comfort zone, then we will succeed.”
The Sting will be participating in a Tournament that is run by the PSAL, so it will be competitive. Performance will be what it comes down to, the Sting need to play well, and play as a team to get far. It won’t be an easy task by any means, but if the heart is there, and the performance is there, then the wins will come.

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