Class of 2009

Remember when … Said …

Omar Noel- “Ms. Kumar said she would do the chicken noodle soup dance in the middle of class if I showed her how, and she actually did it?”

Angelica May- “Dr. H said we weren’t allowed to hug eachother?”

Malorie Mo- “Milena said ‘Malorie doesn’t count as a real Chinese person.’”?

Katie Schwartz- “Paul said his name was pronounced ‘Pa-ool’ to the substitute teach­er in ITGS to make fun of her for calling Jehan “Zehon”?

John Theotokas- “Angelica said that Bob Marley was still alive?”

remember in…

Joseph Rivera- “Adam Noor’s class when Amirah spazzed out and almost beat up the substi­tute because her doll was taken?”

Adrian Lliguichuzhca- “Dr. H’s class Neyla choked and Dr. H. went nuts trying to figure out what to do, and afterwards everyone clapped making it really awkward?”

Vincent Dillon- “Adam Noor’s class when I said a transvestite was the ‘entire’ package?”

Idan Menin- “Mac’s class Stamatis helped Paul imprint his face into the wooden hockey rink wall?”

Argemira Florez- “Ms.Ellman’s class when she threw a marker at Neyla by accident?”

Remember when…

Shamar Walters- “when Mr. Lattimore tried to square dance with Joseph?”

Yanni Stefanidis- “when Ms. Nikkolos sent me downstairs for getting in trouble and asking me to bring her a brownie from the bake sale on my way back up?”

Alejandro Cruz – “when Ms. Kumar was driving the wrong way down a one-way street?”

Eric Park- “when Josh and I accidentally locked Adam in one of the cages behind the music room?  We only found out the lock didn’t belong to any of us after we locked it!”

Shawntal Street– “I said remember that time Monae got stuck in the door – two minutes after it happened?”

Jonathan Touti– “we all went skinny dipping at 2 in the morning at Coney Island in the winter?”

Yocely Nava- “when we had no substitute teacher for math class and we maintained quiet so that nobody would find out?”

Argemira Florez- “when they put toilet water in my water bottle?”

Monae Dudley- “when Latisha threw a pancake in Kimber­ley’s face?  When Ms. Johnson spoke to her, Latisha said, ‘If I knew I would have gotten into trouble, I would have dipped it in syrup.’”


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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