by Steven A '14

Editorial: Does BSGE Really Need a Gym?

Due to the size of our school, BSGE students have lost the opportunity to have a gym, an indoor place to go and to play sev­eral kinds of sports. Having a gym would be best for the school because outside factors such as weather and the terrain wouldn’t af­fect the gym giving BSGE students more chances to play their favorite kind of sports. It would also give the stu­dents a chance to play more variety of sports other than just basketball or football out at the park.

Students have different reactions about whether having a gym would affect students’ ac­tiveness. “It makes the stu­dents a lot less active since we are in school all day, students can’t play their fa­vorite sports or play on their favorite teams,” says Andy Catucci ‘10. Not everyone feels this way though, some students just want to participate in dance or work out in the fitness room, but maybe having a gym increases the students’ participation in phys.ed. If we were to have a gym, it would be a hassle to main­tain it but it would also be a place for people to hang out and to kill time. In fact the gym would most like­ly be made of hard wood floors that can let you play a lot of sports such as vol­ley ball, basketball and several other sports.

There would be some limits into having a gym because we wouldn’t be able to play sports the designated for playing out­side. The way BSGE copes with the lack of a gym is to go to the local park that’s about three blocks away from the school. Even though students don’t have a gym they try to play as much as they can during gym whether it’s raining or sunny. Since it seems like BSGE will never get a gym going to park every­day phys ed. period is just as good.


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